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Monitor Everything/* - Part 1

In this episode, we focus on some of the key messages when we are setting up monitoring. We should consider monitoring as the centerpiece of our DevOps pipeline and a single source of truth. When getting started with monitoring consider the following: Don't limit to infrastructure Run separately from workload Set resource limits on your containers Aim for actionable information Test for failures Don’t overlert yourself Start small

Visual Studio Code Docker Extension Update

The Microsoft Visual Studio Code Docker extension was updated recently adding a bunch of new features from view and interacting with networks and volumes to more possibilities to interact with images and containers.

Coding Coach - Connecting developers with mentors worldwide

Coding Coach is a platform that is built to connect mentors with new developers, system administrators, or people looking to get into IT. The platform is Open Source and Free with a goal of connecting people. Find a mentor with the technology you look to get mentored on, in your country, and speaking your native language. I signed up recently to become a mentor as well to help give back to the tech community.

iTerm2 - The Supercharged Terminal Emulator for Mac

iTerm2 is like the default macOS Terminal application on steroids. iTerm2 is an Open Source tool that has a ton of customizations, features, and automation tricks to make our workflows even more efficient. WIth the possibility to add triggers on keywords to trigger an event, paste and command history, instant replay, and capture output are just some of the many features.

DevDocs - An API Documentation Browser

DevDocs.io is a single interface to all the documentation you use on a daily basis. DevDocs combines some speedy keyboard shortcuts, and all the Docker, Terraform, or any other technology documentation all available in a single browser tab. DevDocs saves a lot of time from searching Google, etc for documentation.

Lazydocker - The lazier way to manage everything docker

A simple terminal UI for both docker and docker-compose. With Lazydocker it is now possible to run and manage all things Docker from a single Terminal window without having to know or remember all the Docker commands and flags. This great Command Line UI (Yes, a CLI-UI) has a great UX and is absolutely easy to use.

ifconfig.co - IP Address Lookup Utility

ifconfig.co is an amazing utility which will save you time by looking up all the details about your public IP address including Public IP address, County, City, ASN, and is available via curl, httpie, GNU Wget and fetch.

DNS over HTTPS (DoH)

When we search websites on the internet our DNS communication is insecure meaning our employer, ISP, and Country we live in can monitor which websites we visit. WIth DNS over HTTPS (DoH) we can now secure the transport of our DNS queries directly to our preferred DNS server. This secures our connection, removes the possibility of man in the middle attacks, and adds an extra layer of security. Firefox is the first browser to implement DNS over HTTPS (DoH). Check out how to setup DoH and check your other browsers to see how secure they are. I don't see Chrome adding this feature anytime soon but possibly Safari would as they are more security conscious.

The Byte Recap the last few weeks

I'm back to a regular schedule once again and that calls for a recap of the last few weeks. We hosted our first Säntis Systems Summit up at the top of the Swiss Alps and the Traefik Meetup. A lot more in the pipeline.

BitBar - Put the output of any script or program into the Mac OSX Menu Bar

BitBar is a tiny program that allows you to display the output from any script or program in the Mac OSX Menu bar. I have taken this program and used the IP Address script to display my Public IP address as well as network statistics in my menu bar. This is really a helpful tool if you are always looking for the same information over and over. Now, we can output the status of our scripts into the menu bar. I will expand on this in the coming weeks and add some Docker status here and share with the community.

Limit your Tech Tools

Adding more tools is easy and ineffective. We are getting tool crazy. In this episode we tackle how we can consolidate tools by looking internally, integrating with existing tools, and trying to solve multiple use cases with a single tool. How do we optimize our tools? Build a tool matrix Limit the number of tools (Less is More) Look internally first Reduce the number of tools by combing use cases across your organization Pick tools which can solve multiple use cases

GitHub Sponsors - A way for everyone to give back to Open Source

Github recently announced a new program GitHub Sponsors to help give back to the developer community who design, build, and maintain Open Source projects. The Sponsor program allows people or organizations to sponsor developers with monthly payments. A great way to keep Open Source going forward and ensuring people are compensated for their work.

API Umbrella - The All-in-One API Management Platform

The API Umbrella is an amazing API Management platform with features like Analytics, Rate Limiting, Caching, API Key generation, and Multi-Tenancy. All this is baked in by default and is being used by api.data.gov as well as other big API's. A simple Docker run can get you up and running to manage all your API's in no time.

KubeCon 2019 Recap

KubCon 2019 in review. The biggest announcements and what's coming down the pipeline in the form of releases from Helm, Visual Studio Code, and the Service Mesh Interface.

Interview Phil Estes - IBM Distinguished Engineer, CNCF Ambassador, and ContainerD Maintainer

I apologize in advance for the loud background noise but I couldn't pass up an opportunity to interview Phil Estes our first interview on The Byte where we talk about his first computer, ContainerD, and since Phil is frequenting a lot of conferences and sometimes reviews Call for Papers(CFP) I ask him some CFP tips and general conference tips.

Komiser a Cloud Environment Inspector

Komiser is a polished dashboard that will analyze and monitor cloud cost, usage, security, and governance with a single pane of glass. Komiser is well put together with a slick user interface enabling greater visibility into your Cloud Environments.

WSL2 - Windows Subsystem for Linux

The Microsoft Build Conference announced a major update to the Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL). No more emulating Linux but now we can start running Linux natively on Windows. Stay tuned as the update is expected in June.

Clair - Vulnerability Static Analysis for Containers

Clair is an open-source vulnerability scanning tool for container images. It integrates into your container registry and CI/CD pipeline to scan and report on vulnerabilities found in images.

Kubernetes Failure Stories

A compiled list of Kubernetes Failure stories. Not how Kubernetes fails but war stories about how companies experienced Kubernetes failures and the post mortem of such events. A great resource and a bit of transparency into what happens in the real world.

Portainer - A User Interface for Managing Docker

Portainer is a user interface for managing Docker standalone, docker-compose, or Docker Swarm deployments. This simple and intuitive Dashboard allows for managing all aspects of Docker and the supporting infrastructure.

Microsoft Visual Studio Code Live Share - Collaborative Coding Extension

Microsoft Visual Studio Code Live Share extension allows for sharing our VS Code editor easily with others. This collaborative experience is great for code reviews, troubleshooting, and learning environments. Live Share makes it easy to work together on the same code without the issue of setting up different environments or OS issues.

Open Policy Agent - Policy-based control for cloud-native environments

The Open Policy Agent enables fine-grained control across your cloud-native environment. Before we coupled policies with our applications. Open Policy Agent allows us to separate the policy decisions which allows us to apply and change new policies without affecting the running workloads. We also explore the company behind Open Policy Agent Styra and how they plan to expand OPA with a managed service.

DockerCon Day 2 Recap

DockerCon Day 2 Recap covered the Docker & ARM partnership, some demos around how we can now build ARM containers on either X86 or ARM machines. New Docker CLI plugins for provisioning remote infrastructure, building parallel builds, and a lot more

DockerCon Day 1 Recap

DockerCon Day 1 recap about the keynote announcements around Docker Enterprise 3.0, Desktop Enterprise, Docker App, Docker Enterprise as a Service, Customer use cases like Carnival cruise lines and Lindsay corporation and some interesting new companies. Lots of great news and announcements

Ghost - A Content Management System built to focus on Writing

The Ghost Content Management System (CMS) was built by ex-Wordpress developers who re-created a CMS to focus on writing and less about managing a website. The result is a CMS which main focus is content creation.

A Breakdown of a Viral Content Blog Post

A recap of the mechanics of a recent viral blog post and the technology keeping my website alive during this time.

Keybase - Crypto for everyone's Files and Chats

Keybase is a key directory that maps social media identities to encryption keys that are publicly auditable. Keybase allows users to encrypt and decrypts chat and files between users and teams using mobile, web, and CLI clients.

Containers vs VM's

Containers versus VM's. Do they complement or compete against each other? They actually work quite well but each has its own separate use cases.

Cloudflare & DNS Service

Cloudflare is a global CDN service offering content distribution for your websites, speed, and HTTPS. Additionally, Cloudflare launched secure DNS service for mobile phones which allows for secure DNS queries while on mobile networks

Google cAdvisor - The all-in-one Real-Time Container Monitoring tool

The Google cAdvisor is a lightweight container that provides resource and usage information for containers running on Docker hosts. cAdvisor provides a nice real-time Dashboard UI to visualize performance and also provides metrics to send to monitoring tools.

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