The GitHub COVID-19 Report about Developer Productivity

GitHub released a Developer Productivity report called Octoverse which details how our work patterns have changed since the introduction of COVID and the lockdown. Some interesting statistics on the increase of work cadence, response time, and collaboration. However, some negative signals are also highlighted such as potential burnout if such cadence continues.
  • Dev activity remains consistent if not maybe increasing
  • Interesting stat. When COVID-19 outbreaks occur a flux in Enterprise Repo issues increases
  • Work cadence changes - longer days and weekends
    • Activity between first and last push and more activity on weekends.
    • West Coast US sees a consistent increase in work volume
  • Patterns of work indicate potential burnout
  • More people are collaborating
  • Merge requests are merged faster than previously. Previous 2-3 hour average and now under an hour
  • More collaboration tools being used
  • Active users increased from the same period last year

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