Tailscale - Private networks made easy

Tailscale is a startup focusing on removing the hassle from VPN's. Tailscale uses Wireguard allowing you easily to connected 100's of devices in a mesh VPN configuration with blazing fast speed and security built-in as default. https://tailscale.com/
Tailscale - Private Networks made easy 
  • Allows you to connect all your devices using Wireguard 
  • Removes all the hassle from installing/configuring Wireguard 
  • Based on WireGaurd which is now part of the Linux Kernel 
  • SSO - Google GSuite, Active Directory Office365, OKTA, Ping 
  • Tailscale the company just received a 3Million Seed round - https://tailscale.com/blog/tailscale-launch/
  • Super easy to install 
  • No Config, No Firewall ports 
  • Install the Tailscale software on all machines you want to be connected. 
    • Install the software and authorize the new endpoint in the Admin console or sign in with SSO to automatically authorize 
  • And it works 
  • Admin Console 
    • Pending Authorizations 
    • Machines connected 
    • DNS - use custom DNS servers for machine lookups 
    • ACL - restrict who can access which machines on your network 
Tailscale the company 
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