Komiser a Cloud Environment Inspector

Komiser is a polished dashboard that will analyze and monitor cloud cost, usage, security, and governance with a single pane of glass. Komiser is well put together with a slick user interface enabling greater visibility into your Cloud Environments.

Episode Transcript

Welcome back to The Byte. In this episode, we're going to talk about Komiser, K-O-M-I-S-E-R. I'm most likely saying that incorrectly, but hey, we're going to run with it. Komiser is actually an Amazon Environment Inspector, and they claim it actually can support a Google GCP and Azure as well.

Now, this open-source project is quite amazing. I mean it's a Docker run command, you can run it on Linux, Windows, Mac OS or run it in a Docker container. One command you're up and running and then you access your localhost and you have a beautiful dashboard. I mean it's really, really nice, intuitive. You see a dashboard of your Cloudcast, your IAM Users, your current bill, regions, alarms. And as you scroll around you can go onto compute and you can actually see individual functions as well as services within Amazon, for example. So you can see Lambda Function and locations, errors, how many ECS clusters, how many ECS tasks, EKS clusters and you can really dive down into details; network security, so it's like an all in one dashboard for your Amazon Environment. So it gives you a lot more transparency than the Amazon dashboard does actually, and it's quite easy to do, easy to use.

So once you get it up and running, you actually have to create an IAM user within Amazon, attach a policy to it then give this dashboard your credentials. This allows it to actually see your environment and basically explore the different services that are running. It is extremely intuitive, I mean I was really impressed with how well the dashboard is put together, and it's clean, you know you have alerts, you can see service limits and AI. I mean I'm walking around the dashboard as I'm discussing with you and I'm incredibly impressed, and it is open-source; I mean there should be a product and if you go to the Komiser website it appears they have the open-source version and they have an enterprise which it has, the enterprise version has recommendations engine, RBAC, alerts, reporting and premium support.

I really feel this product is on track to become like a real SAS solution; it's that well finished. It provides really intuitive information. They claim it's to really cover your bills so, you know, uncovering hidden costs, monitoring increase in spending, you know, impactful changes and customer recommendations; and what they highlight, their features, you can basically analyze and manage a Cloudcast; your usage, security, governance, all in one dashboard. And it visualize across all your used services so you can really see where you can adjust your pricing or your services to really take advantage of the cloud the best way.

Vulnerabilities that can put your Cloud Environment at risk and, as I said before, it interfaces to Amazon, GCP, and Azure. They listed it on Product Hunt; It appears it got some traction on Product Hunt as well. Got about 88 upvotes so it's not so viral or anything but I really believe it's well put together and if you look at the documentation, it is also quite well put together, you can see the different providers, they have their own SAS offering, their tutorials and on the GitHub page, if I click back here, at the GitHub, you can see that they have about 1600 stars so it's, I mean, it's fairly good, I mean, it's very active, it's a clean dashboard. I'm going to start using it for our environments and start giving it a real go and see how it's going. I have it running locally and I have it connected to my personal Amazon account just to see how it all works and I'm quite impressed in the level of completeness in this UI, it's well put together. So that's all for this episode. Komiser, give it a try. Have a great day.
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