Interview Chuck Gehman author AWS CloudFormation in Action

A really interesting interview with our guest Chuck Gehman, author AWS CloudFormation in Action, serial blogger, and he's the "Tech Guy" in Marketing working as a Cloud Consultant for Perforce which builds an amazing version control system which is the defacto standard for the Video Game and Semiconductor industries.
Episode 66

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Charles Gehman has been building applications on AWS since 2012. He has been an architect, CTO, technical blogger, and developer for many years. He holds the certifications AWS Certified Developer and AWS Certified Solution Architect.

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  • Based in Minneapolis  
  • Originally from New York 
  • Works at Perforce -  
    • Perforce is one of the original Version control systems 
    • Became a platform for DevOps tools 
    • Old motto “Version everything" 
    • Perforce is the main version control system used in the Video Game industry and 8 out of 10 Semiconductor manufacturing industries use Perforce. 
    • The one tech guy in marketing 
    • Cloud consultant 
  • MEAP program -
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