EP80 - Note taking Apps...is still not a solved problem

Finding a note-taking application that works well is hard. Considering the notes app is probably as old as the Windows Operating system with Notepad you would consider this a solved problem...Its not.
In what many people consider a solved problem I raise the red flag and wave it high saying its still broke. As a long time Evernote user I was in love with Evernote for the longest time. However...over time the application became more difficult to use, UX is bad, and just became awful.
I started a new quest to find a note-taking app with the following requirements:
  • Needs templates 
  • Export to PDF and Markdown is a must
  • Multi-platform (phone & Laptop)
  • Write in Markdown
  • Tagging/Labels concept
  • Doesn't suck
What I discussed in this episode:

Evernote, don't recommend anymore :( - https://evernote.com
Google Keep - https://keep.google.com/
Apple Notes - https://www.icloud.com/notes
OneNote - https://www.onenote.com
Notion - https://www.notion.so
Obsidian (My favorite, just not ready yet) - http://obsidian.md
Bear App (Apple Only) - https://bear.app 

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