Cloudflare & DNS Service

Cloudflare is a global CDN service offering content distribution for your websites, speed, and HTTPS. Additionally, Cloudflare launched secure DNS service for mobile phones which allows for secure DNS queries while on mobile networks

Episode Transcription

Welcome back to The Byte. In this episode, we're going to talk about Cloudflare. Cloudflare is a CDN service that you can put in front of your website, application, etc. Now, what's great about Cloudflare is it's a very trustworthy service. So I really believe that they're trying to not only speed up the internet, but they're trying to make it more secure by encrypting more information. And they're very transparent on how they do this, which I quite like compared to the other CDN services. Now I'm running both my websites on it, so as well as the And it really works quite well. I mean, was a couple of times on the front page of Hacker News, and it's running Ghost. So in front of Ghost, I use Cloudflare, and I was able to handle the traffic of Hacker News without issues.

Now what I really like about it is I can also rewrite some domain so like, make some page rules, I can rewrite from HTTP to HTTPS, I can go from www to plain domain names, I can do quite a few of these rules, I think you get about three rules by default. You can also ... If you think you're under attack, you have an attack mode where you can turn on, and it just basically blocks all incoming connections to your website. And it provides some decent analytics. So it tells you like, the requests per month, unique visitors, also what kind of dodgy visitors visit your website. So like security reasons, how many threats were blocked, and from what countries they come from. So that's quite interesting and disturbing at the same time if you understand what I'm saying. But if you go through your DNS queries, you have different things which is really incredible, considering it's a free offering. Now I used to pay service so I get a little bit more speed out of Cloudflare, which I quite enjoy and a couple more different features.

What's new for Cloudflare, which I just discovered recently was Now, if you don't know what this is, it's the Cloudflare DNS service. It's been around for a while and it works quite well. I use it at home for my DNS settings, I use it at work, on my phone. But recently, they launched this iOS and Android app,, to actually run DNS from your phone. So they want to secure the DNS queries from your phone to the cloud and make it faster. It's actually a VPN connection, which allows you to secure your connection and actually speeds it up as well. It's not like your traditional VPN where you're tricking the internet to think you're in a different place. It's actually doing it to optimize your internet speeds and secure your connections, which is quite interesting.

Now, Cloudflare also claims is the fastest DNS. It has some reports where they say it takes 14.3 milliseconds compared to, you know, Google takes 34.2 milliseconds. Now, I mean, these marketing slides is hard to really compare unless you do the test yourself. But I mean, my experience is it's been very fast. It's very good. I'm now running it on my cell phone. So every time I connect to the cell network, it switches over to the VPN mode and allows me to then have a tunneled DNS query traffic through Cloudflare.

Initially, I find it's pretty good. I mean, there's no battery issues or anything running it. I'm quite happy with it. I don't notice a huge performance increase, to be honest. But I feel a little bit better knowing that my DNS queries are secure when I'm on a mobile network. And also, it just, it brings a little bit more. Now in the app itself, it provides you the option. If I just open up the app quickly. It has a big button, you can either turn off or on the VPN, which is quite clever. And you can actually turn it off, and it'll ask you do you want to pause it for 15 minutes, an hour, or pause for this particular WiFi.

Now, like I said, I just installed it, I'm still using it. Give it a try. I mean, go to the website,, you can actually use this as your laptop's DNS or your server or anything like this, or now on your mobile phone. And also the Cloudflare network, which I use from my websites is also quite handy. I use it for both my websites, it's saved quite a bit of traffic as well as service I want to request worldwide, which I find quite good.

Give them a try, I'm a huge supporter of their network because obviously, they do a lot of open source work. So they're very transparent, as well as I find it a bit faster, and more secure. That's all for this episode,, I'll put the links in the show notes, as well. Have a great day. We'll talk to you next time.
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