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EP80 - Note taking Apps...is still not a solved problem

Finding a note-taking application that works well is hard. Considering the notes app is probably as old as the Windows Operating system with Notepad you would consider this a solved problem...Its not.

The Launch of The Byte Training Platform

The Byte is growing up and out. I'm super excited to announce the launch of The Byte training platform. The first course "The Complete Traefik Training Course" is now available

New Docker Desktop Feature - Vulnerability Scanning

The latest edge release of Docker Desktop includes a new feature Vulnerability Scanning to scan local Docker images. Also, we discover the new features available within the Docker Desktop UI.

Interview - Tommy Back, Founder Crypto Camper & Blockchain Source

Episode 77- The Byte interviews Tommy Back. Tommy is founder of a new startup Crypto Camper and Blockchain Source. We talk about how to run startups in a COVID world and how Tommy came up with his new Start Up Crypto Camper. Tommy explains how COVID inspired the Crypto Camper and the challenges of creating a Camper as a Service.

Create and Share Beautiful Code Snippets using Carbon

Do you create lots of screenshots of code but they don't look nice? I have been in the same boat and finally found a great solution. Carbon allows you to paste and format your code into beautiful screenshots. Now, I have great code snippets in Powerpoint slides, demos, or blog posts.

Learn how to Pimp out your GitHub Profile

Episode 75 focuses on GitHub Arctic and how to update your GitHub profile with the new GitHub Profile feature

Deploy containers directly to AWS & Azure using Docker

Docker has been busy extending the Docker product directly to Public Cloud providers Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure. Now, with the additional integration, it is now possible to deploy containers directly to either Amazon or Microsoft using the same local developer tools we are all so used to.

SUSE acquires Rancher and Istio doesn't play well with others

This week we discuss the major tech news announcements. First, SUSE makes a shocking move and acquires Rancher. Second, Google forms its own foundation because it cannot play well with others apparently.

Everyone needs a Developer Portal

Developer Experience or DX is a growing trend that needs addressing by enabling developers. Creating a developer portal enables your company and brand to onboard new developers and potential products or customers for your company. To enable your company our product start with a developer portal and enabling a proper Developer Experience

Using Visual Studio Code to Develop Inside Containers

An amazing tool for development inside a running container. The Remote Development extension allows developers use VS Code as if it was started inside the container.

An in depth look at Hashicorp Nomad

Hashicorp Nomad has been around for a while but continues to grow and mature and gets closer to GA by the day. In this episode, I set up Nomad with Docker, deploy a demo application, and walk through all the functionality available.

Leaning Away from Kubernetes

In this episode, we look into why companies are looking for alternatives to Kubernetes and what these alternatives are. Interesting is that Kubernetes is super powerful but sometimes too complex thus alternatives are being deployed to address the complexity

Loom - Say it with Video

Loom is a new way to engage your customers, team, and community using video. The Loom application makes it easy to record a small headshot of your while recording your desktop or application. The engagement using video as a response in email is great and we are seeing huge rates of engagement so far.

DockerCon 2020 Live Recap

The DockerCon Live 2020 Virtual Conference broke down barriers and enabled the global community to attend and participate. From deep-dive sessions, interviews, live coding, and much more DockerCon Live was an amazing experience.

Interview Chuck Gehman author AWS CloudFormation in Action

A really interesting interview with our guest Chuck Gehman, author AWS CloudFormation in Action, serial blogger, and he's the "Tech Guy" in Marketing working as a Cloud Consultant for Perforce which builds an amazing version control system which is the defacto standard for the Video Game and Semiconductor industries.

Grafana Version 7 Reviewed

Grafana has released 7.0 which has great new features which make building dashboards even easier. The new UI and panels make it easier to navigate and being able to quickly create different visualizations using the same query reduce dashboard development time. Additionally, Grafana has more logic built-in when writing a single query now works across the different visualizations without having to adjust the query.

Brave - A Fast Security Focused Browser

Take back control of your web surfing with the new Brave Browser. The Brave Browser is extremely fast and secure by default with a built-in Ad/spyware blocker. Additionally, Brave has a Crypto reward system called BAT which you are rewarded for viewing Ad which adheres to privacy. You have the ability to withdrawal your BAT or use BAT to tip content creators.

Turbo Charge your Command Line with Oh My Zsh!

Reduce context switching is the model to improve your efficiency. One of the best tools which I use daily is the Command Line (CLI). I am always looking at tools/processes to improve my workflow. The one tool which has helped considerably is Oh My Zsh! an open-source, community-driven framework for managing your zsh configuration allowing for a pluggable architecture for both plugins and themes.

The GitHub COVID-19 Report about Developer Productivity

GitHub released a Developer Productivity report called Octoverse which details how our work patterns have changed since the introduction of COVID and the lockdown. Some interesting statistics on the increase of work cadence, response time, and collaboration. However, some negative signals are also highlighted such as potential burnout if such cadence continues.

Home Assistant - Open Source Home Automation

Home Assistant is an Open Source home automation tool with privacy as the main goal. Home Assistant is a powerful home automation suite yet slim enough to run on a Raspberry Pi. With 1000+ integrations it's easy to get started automating almost all the devices in your home with little effort. In this episode, we look at how to install Home Assistant and get started integrating devices.

Kubestack - Fast path to GitOps for EKS, AKS and GKE

Episode 58 we discuss Kubestack. Kubestack brings GitOps to Infrastructure utilizing a Framework to help bootstrap your Infrastructure automation on AWS, Azure, or GCP using Terraform and Cloud best practices.

A Side Project Journey from Idea to Front Page of Product Hunt under a Week

We had a company meeting where we were discussing the challenge are customers are facing finding WFH hardware/software Next, we put together an MVP requirements list, decided on features, and how to build the website. In less than one week we went from Idea to the front page of Product Hunt.

Interview - Gianluca Abrezzano about SRE, Observability, and Kubernetes

Episode 56 has a special guest Gianluca Abrezzano. We discuss his role as SRE, what SRE looks like in an organization, Monitoring, Observability, and Kubernetes

AWS Bottlerocket - Linux-based operating system to run containers

AWS announced the new container operating system Bottlerocket. Focused on security, open-source, optimized for AWS integrations, and lower costs.

Tailscale - Private networks made easy

Tailscale is a startup focusing on removing the hassle from VPN's. Tailscale uses Wireguard allowing you easily to connected 100's of devices in a mesh VPN configuration with blazing fast speed and security built-in as default. https://tailscale.com/

Amazon AWS Cloud Developer Kit (CDK) A developer focused way to deploy Infrastructure

What is CDK, and what's so good about it? AWS Cloud Developer Kit or better known as CDK is approaching infrastructure with developers in mind (finally). Now, developers can deploy AWS infrastructure directly inside their favorite programming language. For example, using Python, we can deploy and manage AWS infrastructure with just a couple lines of Python code.

Docker Open Sources Docker Compose Spec

Docker Compose has now been open-sourced into the Compose Specification. This allows developers to further expand their workflows from development to the public cloud.

GitHub Actions - Automate your Workflows

GitHub Actions is a CI/CD tool built into GitHub. The idea is to move your workflow closer to your code. This episode we discuss the background of GitHub Actions, how to set up an action, the marketplace, and next steps.

Mirantis Aquires Docker and what this means

Mirantis aquired Docker and split Docker Enterprise to Mirantis. Now Docker is focusing on Developer Tools, and returning to its roots supporting Open Source, and integrating with CI/CD tools

Work From Home (WFH) Tooling Episode

Work From Home (WFH) has become the main topic in many circles. The 56K.Cloud team is a remote team since the beginning so here are some tools we use daily to collaborate and

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